Meaning of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), in this part of my article on Think with Akinyemi I would be sharing with you the meaning of SEM known as Search Engine Marketing, and how it can benefit your business. 
According to the school of thought of Climaxbox, Search Engine Marketing is a means or technique of marketing on Search Engines. As you know Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world and a lot of people seek answers by searching on Google. We also have other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and duckgoduck. 

To show up on Google Search Engine you need do Search Marketing. 

Two styles of Search Marketing Techniques

1. Paid Search Marketing : during this technique you may have to make payment to Google so as to indicate on Google Search result when keywords associated with your business are been typed. Once your marketing budget gets exhausted, then your ads will now not show on Google Search result.

2. Organic Search Marketing: this is often the most effective because it’s free and every one you wish is to try and do computer programme Optimization (SEO) so your website can show properly on Google computer programme.

Now that you just understand what Search marketing means you’ll be able to check our other articles to find out about Search Marketing techniques and best practices.

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