The Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) 2022-2023 is a German scholarship for students from developing countries. Many students from these developing countries apply and are accepted for the DAAD scholarship, which allows them to study at various universities in Germany.

These DAAD scholarships are given to students to study courses taught in both German and English. The DAAD scholarship, on the other hand, is only available to postgraduate students and is not available to undergraduates. A student must have two years of work experience to be eligible for the DAAD scholarship.

Courses with a duration of more than a year but less than three years are eligible for DAAD scholarships 2022.

DAAD Scholarships 2022 Coverage

Students who are awarded this scholarship will be able to enroll in German universities. The scholarship also includes a monthly allowance to help you with day-to-day expenses. It also includes provisions for health insurance and travel stipends.

The DAAD scholarships provide students with the following advantages:

  • Postgraduate students are paid 750 Euros per month.
  • Doctoral students receive a monthly stipend of 1000 Euros.
  • Postgraduate and doctoral students are both covered by health insurance.
  • There is also a provision in place that allows these students to receive a travel grant.
  • The students are given the opportunity to study for free at a German university.
  • Students are also provided with free housing at the university.

What are the requirements to apply for DAAD Scholarships?

  • A student applying for this scholarship must have completed a Bachelor’s degree program that was less than or equal to six years in length.
  • A student applying for this scholarship must also demonstrate two years of work experience.
  • The student does not have to understand German or English because this is determined by the course that they choose.

The DAAD scholarships 2022-2023 are now accepting applications. You can find courses at any German university and apply for a DAAD scholarship to help you with your studies. Before submitting your applications, please review the list of DAAD Scholarship application deadline window periods.

Here is a list of all German universities’ DAAD Scholarship Application Deadlines 2022-2023 for the academic year 2022.

How to apply for the DAAD Scholarship?

1 The first step is to access the DAAD scholarship website and download the application form. Fill out this form with your contact information.

2 The following step is to download a Europas Specimen form, which will assist you in creating a personalized CV with your handwritten signature.

3 Make sure you have a motivation letter that is hand signed and includes your work history as well as references.

4 You should include a research proposal with your application to German universities.

5 Make sure to include a recommendation letter from your previous university.

6 Include a professional referral letter from your previous employer.

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